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Recommended Reflow Soldering Temperature Profile

Solder chemical composition:Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu(Pb free solder)

Attention for usage

Please avoid storing products for a long time or in the environment of high temperature and high humidity, or it is possible that the soldering characteristic of the external poles cannot be obtained. Please store them within the range of temperature 10- 40℃ and humidity 30-60%. (It is recommended to store them in a desiccator or a N2 atmosphere.)
Please don't touch sensors directly, and give them any impact or load. Please use them within the rated pressure. The directly usable medium is non-causticity gas. Please don't put foreign substance, like a wire, from the pressure introduction hole. Please avoid stopping the air pressure introduction hole while using. Please pay attention to that the sensor is not in the drip proof structure. Please avoid using in the environment to be dewy. When the pressure sensor chips are exposed to the light, the output changes. Please avoid using/storing products at/in the place where there is some caustic gas which has a bad influence on them.
Please reflow within a range shown in the figure 5 "Recommended temperature profile", and limit the reflow up to two times. When soldering, please pay attention so as to make the heat influence as small as possible. Please use the soldering iron within the range of the temperature 260-300℃(30W) and 5 seconds.
Since the products have windows leading to the air, please pay attention so as not to put the cleaning liquid into them.
5.Confirmation and request
This specification is for the product self. When actually using, we would like you to fully confirm the performance and the quality on the condition of actual use, in order to increase the reliability. Please confirm them in advance when utilizing the products for equipment which has an influence into life, like medical equipment.

Compliance Characteristics of pressure sensors to environment

All of our products are RoHS directive compliant.
* EU Directive 2011/65/EU