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Koden Co. Ltd. (Koden hereafter) follows "Personal Information Protection Law" and the related laws. Koden has the below stated protection policy and pursue it to protect customer's personal information. Such policy will be reviewed and improved periodically.

Acquisition of personal information :
Koden will acquire personal information only by lawful means. We will get no information by unfair means. When we acquire any personal information, we will explain all people about the use of information beforehand. We also open the items of requesting information on our website and we will use the acquired information in reasonable way.

Intended use of personal information :
Kohden will use the personal information within the agreed condition from individuals. Depending on the related jobs, only the right person at Kohden will handle the information only for the necessary purpose of the business. We will not use the acquired information for any other purpose than agreed ones.

Protection of personal information
Kohden will not disclose any personal information to any third party except the following cases. We will keep the acquired personal information carefully and properly.

1. In the case the person who gave us the information agrees to disclose it.
2. When related laws and regulation require the information.
3. In order to save life and safety of people or property, the information maybe disclosed without the person's permission when it is very difficult to contact the person or to get agreement.
4. When it is necessary to cooperate national or local government or third party in its commission to perform jobs under the laws, we may disclose the information, if getting agreement may cause the failure of their jobs.

Personal Information Care
Kohden will continue the maintenance and improvement of personal information protection system to prevent illegal access, loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of information. We will keep and improve the safety measure.

Revision and Deletion of Personal Information
When the person wants us Kohden to relieve and refer the information or revise, add delete or terminate the use of information, we will respond to the request in reasonable time.

Change of Privacy Policy
The contents of the personal information policy may be changed without notification Such change of the policy will be opened on our website and the changed policy will he valid as soon as it is published.

Your opinion, question and Inquiry
Please send your opinion, question or inquiry through "Contact us" page. Kohden will try their best to respond to your opinion, question or inquiry quickly. Let us keep your opinion after our study. We will revise and delete the kept information when it is necessary.

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