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Magnetic Field Unit conversion Tool
Unit conversion of magnetic flux density and magnetic field density can be made by the following tool.
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Reference : Magnetic Field Unit
Magnetic field strength is defined by vector field which has a direction and a magnitude (or strength).
The number of magnetic flux lines which go through the unit area perpendicular to magnetic field is called Flux density B.
The relation between Magnetic strength H and flux density B can be defined by B = μH.
μ in this case is permeability, the unit of magetizability.
In the air, μis usually about 1, except special case, and 1 Gauss ≒ 1 Oersted.
Usually, magnetic field strength is defined by the unit of Oe・A/m ( Oersted・Ampere/meter ).
And when it is defined by flux density, the units of G (Gauss) or T (Tesla) are used.
This means that flux density B is a value which includes magnetizability and magnetic flux H does not include magnetizability.
In many cases, Residual magnetic flux density (Br) and Magnetic coercive force (Hc) are used to define properties of permanent magnets.
Oe (Oersted) is used to define Magnetic coercive force as it is the strength of magnetic field to reverse the direction of magnetic pole.

〈magnetic field strength unit conversion table〉

  Name of unit unit symbol SI unit conversion factor
magnetic field
Oersted Oe
Ampere/meter A/m 1kA/m=12.54Oe
  Name of unit unit symbol SI unit conversion factor
flux density
Tesla T 0.1mT=1G

〈conversion table〉

    Reading G
1 G
1 mT milli Tesla 10

1 Oe Oersted 1

1 kA/m kilo Ampere per meter 12.54 1.254 12.54