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Pressure sensor

Pressure sensor

This is a semiconductor pressure senor with piezo-electric effect to detect medium pressure.
In addition to various pressure ranges, we have SMD(surface mount device)types also as our small package parts.
Our sensors have stronger resistances against destruction pressure compared with competing products.


Type KP0504 KP0758 KP0807
Dimension 12×13.5mm 6×6mm
Pressure port height 8mm 6mm 3mm
Measurable pressure range(kPa) Series
-9.8〜9.8 KP0504-A101G - - - -
-19.6〜19.6 KP0504-A201G - - - -
-49.0〜49.0 KP0504-A501G KP0758-A501GD KP0758-A501GZ KP0807-A501GD KP0807-A501GZ
-98.1〜98.1 KP0504-A102G KP0758-A102GD KP0758-A102GZ KP0807-A102GD KP0807-A102GZ
-98.1〜196.1 KP0504-A202G KP0758-A202GD KP0758-A202GZ KP0807-A202GD KP0807-A202GZ
-98.1〜490.3 KP0504-A502G KP0758-A502GD KP0758-A502GZ KP0807-A502GD KP0807-A502GZ
-98.1〜980.7 KP0504-A103G KP0758-A103GD KP0758-A103GZ KP0807-A103GD KP0807-A103GZ
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