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We are stating information and precautions about our website at your use on this page.

Recommended OS・browser
We are trying to make our website convenient for your use as much as possible. However, different display from our design may appear when some old browsers are used. Therefore, use of new browsers are recommended. The following ones are suitable for our website.

・Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or later ones (Windows)
・Apple Safari 2 or later one (Mac OS X)
・Mozilla Firefox 2 or later one (Windows/ Mac OS X)

About plug-in
We have some contents with PDF. To use such contents, you need to install the following plug-in software. If you do not have the software, you can download it by the following site. Adobe Reader .. It is a software to read PDF.
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On this website, JavaScript is used for the service partially. To use such service, JavaScript need to be set on at browser side.

The compilation by Kohden including writings, pictures, illustrations and animations on this website is under the protection of Japanese copyright law and international treaty like Berne Convention for the Literary and Artistic Works.

Link to this website is free basically, if it is used without frame or meeting certain condition. However, you are requested to refrain from using our website for commercial purpose.

Text files sent as cookies do not include any information to identify individuals.

We have "Personal information protecting Policy".
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